The idea of creation

The Dinapoja workshop initially began, as a hobby. Friends and neighbors willingly offered the fruits from their gardens. Around the Cretan gullies and mountains, nature widely offers aromatic herbs available for processing. This wide variety of fresh ingredients was quite favorable for processing. As a result, an ambition was born. To create products which were never offered in the market before. The processing of Dinapoja products is based on the mild use of natural and biological materials and not on the use of artificial colors. They are processed in a traditional and handmade method, combining old recipes, as well as foreign ones, all mixed up in a unique personal way. From the careful
selection of fresh local flowers and herbs, till packing, the workshop shows full commitment to top quality. The perfect materials and their handmade processing, guarantee top quality and a special aftertaste experience. The whole processing is performed in an extremely mild way, without colorings, chemicals and conservatives whatsoever. The fresh fruits, flowers and herbs with their intense aromas and flavors, make each product a challenge for new culinary discoveries, which enhance everyday life.