Syrup has been used since ancient times, in medicine, as a transferring base of different beneficial fruit and herb substances. Thus, natural syrup is the combination concentrated substances and flavors in a sweet base. Up until the 70s', syrups were used in Western Europe, diluted with water as refreshments or without, as medicine. They were then forgotten for several years, until consumers turned towards foods that did not put their life in danger. In our days, the need for natural, local original, handmade drinks is a social tendency. Public concern regarding what ends up in our plate or glass, makes the choice of naturally made drinks a necessity, not a luxury. Which drink or refreshment someone chooses to drink, is not just a matter of thirst, but an expression of his way of life.


Syrup (diluted 1:5 to 1:8)

- As refreshments with still or sparkling water. As they are without preservatives they are suitable for children
- During winter time with hot water or in tea
- With Champagne or white wine and cocktails

  Syrup (without dilution)

- As medicine
- In sweet and sour cuisine for glazing roast meat and vegetables
- To add some color and essence in whipped cream and yogurt
- In desserts, fruit salads and ice creams