This syrup contains a balanced bouquet aroma, which combines the aromatic energy of the sage with the sweetness of the caramel and can be used in a variety of ways.
Traditional medicine attributes anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to sage. When you experience a throat ache, try drinking a Grog with a tablespoon of sage syrup and hot water. From the early years, sage was not just considered as a therapeutic herb. The sweetness of the syrup transports the essences and the aromas of the sage and enhances desserts and drinks. When this syrup is diluted with water, a peculiar refreshment arises. In Mediterranean cuisines it can, justifiably, be used in many ways. In fruit salads, yoghurt or on top of ice creams and in many more desserts. In spicier cuisines, it can be the sweet essence in dressings, pork marinades, in caramelized onions or with cheese.