Lemongrass and tarragon syrup is fresh and extraordinary. The tarragon surprises with its subtle aniseed aroma and can be directly combined with the lemongrass freshness. These herbs do not just have a magnificent, exotic taste, but are used for their healing properties too. Tarragon can be used against insomnia and can act as a digestive, appetizing and rejuvenating ingredient. Lemongrass reinforces digestion, acts efficiently against the common cold, insomnia and stress. Creative cooking is enhanced, as it adds a spicy flavor to salads or fresh cheese and can be also used in meat marinades. It also sweetens and flavors fruit salads with lemon and aniseed scent. It can be used diluted with sparkling water to give you a cool refreshment and adds an exotic scent to your tea. It can be served with champagne and white wine to make a kir. In the "cuisine style" cocktail types, it adds coolness and aniseed flavor.