Shrub - a uniquely refreshing fruit and herb vinegar based syrup.
The term 'Shrub' derives from the Arabic and is an adaptation of sharab - the Arab word for syrup.
Vinegar syrup is not a new creation, but rather an old tradition. When fridges were not yet invented, vinegar and sugar were meant to preserve nature's aromas. While the fruit preservation in vinegar was initiated in Middle East, in the 17th century, it reached Europe and later on America.
When Shrub is diluted with sparkling water, a fruity, refreshing soda emerges, and a popular cocktail base too. This tradition has been preserved in many countries in Europe and America and has become more and more popular in recent years.
We follow an old recipe in the process of the materials, with no added flavors, colorings and preservatives.
The natural vinegar syrup Shrub can be used in many ways.
For drink flavoring: as a refreshing, natural lemonade, with sparkling wine, in cocktails, with hot water during the winter,
In the kitchen: salad dressing, sauces, meat marinade, with cheese, chutney, fruit salads, desserts