Our liqueurs are full of fruit, flowers and herbs, rich in pharmaceutical essences, which for many years have offered relief and cure, and they still do. The scented and coloring essences of the plants, additionally, carry the flavor, scent and the color of the liqueur. A fine liqueur prospers through its harmony. Its content in alcohol and sugar and its fruity touch, have to be in balance. Sophisticated liqueurs rely not just on its natural ingredients, but also on the combination of different substances that induce an magnificent flavor.

Use of liqueurs: Liqueurs accompany desserts at room temperature. They can be served as a digestive, they can be combined with coffee or hot chocolate. Due to the fact that liqueur is not very sweet, it can be drunk as appetizers with cold champagne, prosecco or white wine, combined with juices or soft drinks at the beginning of the dinner. They may also be used as ingredients of several cocktails. They can be used in fruit salads, in pastry as a base for ice creams or to moisten a sponge cake. In cooking they can be used in sauces, marinades and sautéing the meet.